5 Reasons to Buy Property in Ticino

Switzerland is famed as a vibrant financial and banking center, but it also boasts a pristine natural beauty. Coupled with its thriving economy and high quality of life, it is no surprise that many dream of owning property in this idyllic country. If you're one of these people, Ticino is your perfect destination.


Situated in the South on the Swiss-Italian border, Ticino boasts a picturesque landscape of lakes, mountains, and lush greenery. Its mild Mediterranean climate also makes it an ideal location for year-round enjoyment. In this article, we'll explore five compelling reasons why buying property in Ticino with Suisse Immobilien Group is a smart investment for your future.

Why you should buy properties in Ticino, Southern Switzerland?

Imagine waking up to breathtaking lakefront views, with lush mountains within eyeshot. Sound too good to be true? It's not if you live in Ticino. Read on as we explore the top reasons this Swiss town is an appealing destination.

Outstanding location setup for European travelers

Lugano is a city in the Swiss canton of Ticino. It is between Zurich and Milan, making it an ideal hub for travelers wishing to access these major European cities. Further, you can easily access iconic ski resorts in the nearby Swiss Alps. The Mediterranean Sea is only three hours away, and Lakes Maggiore and Como a 40-minute drive from the city. You can also get to the Principality of Monaco within four hours. A 5-hour train ride across the picturesque Italian countryside can get you to the coastal city of Venice. Interestingly, this journey passes through the fashionable city of Milan.

High-end infrastructure

When it comes to world-class infrastructure, Lugano has it all. The city's crowning jewel, the Lugano Art e Cultura (LAC), offers 2500 sqm of exhibition space, a modern theater, and a concert hall that can sit 1,000. Additionally, the Gotthard tunnel, opened in 2016, facilitates the connection of the southern city to Zurich in the North, with train speeds in the tunnel clocking upwards of 200 km/h.

Being the third-largest financial center in Switzerland, Lugano offers excellent business infrastructure for entrepreneurs. There are also numerous banks, medical centers and hospitals, supermarkets and shopping malls, pharmacies, and an extensive transport system. For families with children, the Ticino region has numerous prestigious educational institutions and colleges. If you're into sports and adventure, you'll enjoy the region's cycling, windsurfing, swimming, hiking, and golf offerings.
Regarding accessibility, the nearby airports of Lugano and Malpensa in Milan host flights to all major local and international destinations.

Luxurious quality lifestyle

Switzerland has built a reputation for its high standard of living, and Ticino is no exception. Lugano city boasts several Michelin-starred restaurants and chic boutiques lining its famous Via Nassa street. The city's prestigious neighborhoods of Castagnola, Montagnola, Vico Morcote, and Porza are home to several top-class hotels and luxury villas.

The region also boasts a vibrant festival culture. There are numerous events and shows year-round, ensuring you are never bored. From the international Locarno Film Festival to the Estival Jazz Lugano, you'll always find something to tickle your fancy.
Locarno property


Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, as the Swiss government strongly emphasizes crime prevention and law enforcement. Lugano is no exception. According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, there are only 7.3 violent crimes per 1000 residents in the city. Numbeo gives Lugano a safety index of 81.03, which is very high.

Swiss efficiency with Italian vibes

Lugano is a charming lakeside town that elicits love at first sight. Located in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, the rich culture of neighboring Italy makes up a large part of the region's charm. In addition to the beautiful view of Lake Lugano, the city is surrounded by picturesque mountains reminiscent of the Swiss countryside. There are also numerous boulevards, lakeside promenades, and vibrant café culture. The pleasant city is often described as offering an Italian lifestyle with Swiss efficiency.

Ticino property and real estate market prices

The price of real estate in Ticino has been steadily rising for decades, with the occasional large spikes often followed by price fluctuations. The steady rise can be attributed to the scarcity of land in the region, restrictive building laws, and increasing housing requirements. Further, Swiss authorities have taken measures to prevent an excessive real estate market boom. For instance, at the cantonal level, a TUI tax on real estate profit is charged, and there are often holding periods enforced on holiday apartments.

What are the real luxury properties in Ticino?

Ticino's luxury real estate market reflects the region's rich history and architectural heritage. The oldest luxury properties are castles and palaces dating back to the 16th to 18th centuries, built by the local nobility. The 19th century saw an influx of political exiles from all over Europe who built several spectacular classical villas.

The beginning of the 20th century saw the erection of flamboyant villas by Ticinese entrepreneurs who made their fortunes abroad. The remainder of the 20th century saw other wealthy individuals commission renowned architects to build unique homes that complemented the beauty of Ticino.

The area is still very popular, with private villas and apartments ranging from CHF 1 to 10 million. The ultra-luxury market comprises penthouses and estates priced over CHF 10 million.

Buyers of luxury properties in Ticino - who are they?

Local buyers typically purchase homes ranging from CHF 1 million to CHF 3 million. Property priced over CHF 3 million is often preferred by buyers from the Swiss German region and other international buyers looking to move to Ticino.

First vs. the second residence for buying Swiss property?

Ticino, and Switzerland at large, is a popular tourist destination. However, cantonal laws, known as LAFE, have specific regulations for homeowners in the area. For instance, if you're not Swiss and do not live in Switzerland but wish to buy a large property in Ticino, you must also move your primary residence here.

If you are Swiss or live in Switzerland but do not spend much time in Ticino, you can buy a second home there. Non-Swiss citizens living abroad also have purchase rights for holiday homes in the region but are limited to 200 sqm of living space and 1000 sqm of land.

Do you want more details about the Ticino real estate market?

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