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Are you looking to buy land in Ticino, Switzerland? You are not alone as the city continues to attract locals and foreigners due to its political and legal stability, low crime rate, excellent services and recreational facilities. Whether you are a resident or a nonresident, you can buy land with the help of a reliable real estate company like Suisse Immobilien Group.

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How to buy land in Switzerland?

Ticino has plenty of land that can be purchased to build a dream house, a shopping center or for agriculture. However, there are a couple of things you need to know before choosing land.

Carefully study the zoning plan and building regulations of the municipality. In this case, understand whether the land is approved for residential construction or for commercial centers. Also, know the maximum percentage that can be developed.

Consult the land registry to find out whether a right-of-way within the land could restrict construction.

Determine whether the land for sale is connected to all utilities. If not, determine the additional costs that might be incurred.
When buying land in Ticino , relying on a reputable real estate company such as Suisse Immobilien Group makes everything much easier.

The company's core business is to meet its clients' needs by making sure to find the right land, analyze the sales documents, and ensure clients get a fair deal on the purchase price.

Why is land necessary for new construction?

Individuals or families who wish to design a residential property from scratch have no choice but to purchase land. Unfortunately, existing properties in urban centers or suburban areas of Lugano may not meet one's needs or tastes. The high price of properties already built can also be a deterrent.

In addition, complex and rigorous renovation work on some properties may not make economic sense. Buying land, planning, and building from scratch can result in significant savings.

Buy land in Switzerland, Ticino with Suisse Immobilien Group

Suisse Immobilien Group is a reliable partner for anyone looking to buy land that meets their preferences and is realistically affordable. Having been in business for many years, the family-owned company has built deep connections with people who want to sell land.

As a result, it has access to plots of land for sale that are so rich and varied that buyers are often spoiled for choice. In addition, most plots of land for sale are usually free of architectural constraints, so anything can be done with them.

In addition, Suisse Immobilien Group provides solutions whenever a plot of land is restricted, to take full advantage of the constraints.