Services for property developers

Real estate offers an exciting and reliable way of growing wealth. However, it is not immune to systemic risks arising from changing economic conditions and other factors. While the focus is usually on buyers, developers also face a string of challenges as they seek to acquire and develop various properties. However, with Suisse Immobilien Group, a family-run real estate company, a click away, developing a real estate property in Lugano, Switzerland, and other Ticino towns has never been easy.

Services for property developers

Suisse Immobilien Group offers an array of services and offerings that allow developers to make smart investments and deliver solid returns. Whether a developer is looking for a building application for real estate project permit or seeking an approved license for a modern villa, the family-run real estate company is always up to the task of offering the necessary assistance.

The company leverages its widespread experience, connections and local presence in Switzerland, Italy and Eastern Europe to offer the best services. Developers can also rely on the premier real estate company when looking for reliable and talented architects for new build developments.

In addition, the company boasts of solid connections with local banks, funds, and a group of investors that developers can tap into to secure much-needed financing for projects. Suisse Immobilien Group's core business is satisfying the needs of developers, therefore, ensuring they can unlock optimum value from Lugano real estate sector.

What developers can expect at Suisse Immobilien Group:

  • Real estate portfolio screening
  • Assistance in securing building permits and licenses
  • Land development full evaluation and support
  • Property investment analytics
  • Access to world-class architects able to work on a development strategy

Why develop Properties with Suisse Immobilien Group

Suisse Immobilien Group is a one-stop shop for developers looking to develop properties in Lugano, Switzerland, given its experienced team with a strong track record. The team works closely to provide comprehensive service throughout the property development phase.


The family-run real estate company adheres to the best industry practices right from carrying out property investment analytics to carrying out feasibility studies and securing the needed permits. Suisse Immobilien Group's ultimate goal is to ensure developers enjoy a stress-free development process of bringing their desired project with approved license for the construction of a two family villa or any other property to life.

While every project is unique, the real estate company works with developers to find the best architects to create the right designs. The customized approach ensures developers end up with a project that they had envisioned from the start.

Unmatched expertise and experience

No other real estate company in Lugano comes packed with an experienced team with a deep understanding of how to go about the entire property development process in the region. Suisse Immobilien Group has a solid track record in helping developers gain approval for all the permits and licenses needed to break ground. Its industry-wide connections ensure developers gain access to the best architects, resources, and tools needed to construct luxury villa apartments and penthouses, among other properties.

International reach

Suisse Immobilien Group's international reach will always be a bonus for developers looking to tap the best talent to develop their properties. Additionally, the connections can come in handy when securing the much-needed financing for a project with approved license for the construction of a building. It also helps developers access a readily available market once the project is complete.