For buyers of luxury houses, villas & apartments in Ticino, Switzerland

Ticino is the epicenter of Swiss culture and the luxury of the Mediterranean lifestyle that appeals to all kinds of people, local and international. The Italian-speaking region is famed for its palm-lined lakes, sharp Alpine peaks, architecture, and much more. As a residential hub, it is home to a solid real estate sector supported by modern apartments to grand villas, and rustic chalets.

For buyers of luxury houses

If you are planning to move to Ticino, Switzerland, or a resident planning to buy property, look no further than Suisse Immobilien Group. Thanks to its professional and reliable real estate management team, it offers one of the easiest ways to get around Switzerland's real estate, especially in Lugano.

Finding property to buy in Ticino

As is the case with any market, it's always challenging to find an ideal luxury home. However, with Suisse Immobilien Group a click away, there is nothing to worry about. Suisse Immobilien Group is a one-stop shop, given its wide portfolio, connections, and years of experience in the sector, whether you are looking for newly built modern properties for sale, apartments, or penthouses.

Its portfolio also includes industrial and commercial properties as well as hotels and big offices. In addition, Suisse Immobilien Group also provides valuable assistance and advice on new property developments or the sale of plots.

Finding the right property takes time and persistence. As a leading real estate agent, Suisse Immobilien Group is always at hand to provide valuable information and assistance in finding the dream home for comfort and opulence. What is a better way to make an informed decision than to benefit from the assistance of local experts and specialists in Switzerland real estate?

Our services

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and connection, we are ready to simplify the process of locating and finding the right property for you in Ticino. As a member of the federal trade associations of real estate trustees and land owners, we boast one of the largest real estate portfolios.

Our rich and varied real estate portfolio enhances the prospect of finding the dream home in an ideal location in Lugano or other towns in Ticino. Suisse Immobilien Group is the only place you can get apartments and penthouses for sale in Lugano's most prestigious and sought-after residences. While most of our properties are listed on our website, some are not visible for reasons of discretion and privacy.

Our primary services are tailored to individual needs, and we want to ensure a swift and stress-free process of purchasing the right luxury houses, villas, or apartments in Lugano or other towns on Ticino. We also help people find the right commercial and industrial properties for setting up businesses and companies. The inventory also includes hotels and land plots.

Our other services include:

  • Guiding clients through the process of finding the appropriate dream property
  • Offering detailed information about the local real estate market
  • Analysis based on the client and his situation for the property purchase
  • Inspecting the property of choice and carrying out in-depth due diligence
  • Negotiate on behalf of clients the contracts and the notarial certification
  • Language and translation support. We have Russian, German, French, and/or English native speakers to make you feel comfortable sealing the deal.
  • Managing rental properties on behalf of owners
  • Oversee property transfer and the entire sale process, including change of ownership
  • Home insurance help in place
  • Contact various moving companies to organize your move and all administrative procedures
  • Translation for the notarial deed, if necessary
  • Obtaining Swiss permits (B and C) for foreigners

How do we work?

Our primary goal is to help home buyers looking to venture into Switzerland's solid real estate sector find the right property. That’s why we don’t charge if you don’t get the desirable property: no results - no costs. With years of experience and extensive connections, we work with clients one-on-one to ensure they make informed decisions when purchasing property in the Ticino area.

At Suisse Immobilien Group, we are more than open to helping our clients answer the most challenging questions related to property purchases in the area. From applying for a residence permit to purchasing a property to answering legal and tax-related questions, we are a one-stop service for all the answers and help. Additionally, we have contact with various Swiss notaries for the preparation of the deed once an ideal dream property has been identified.

All the staff working at Suisse Immobilien Group are real estate professionals who work round the clock to satisfy customers' needs. From looking and sourcing for the dream property to carrying out due diligence and signing contracts, all our staff works in a personalized and dynamic way with an eye on satisfying client needs.

Our staff is the most experienced with knowledge of all the rules and conditions for being able to purchase a secondary property or holiday home for foreigners. We can offer comfortable transfer Lugano-Milano, and Lugano-Zurich for our clients. Unlike other real estate agents, our services are available long after people purchase their dream real estate.

Why Suisse Immobilien Group?

Suisse Immobilien Group is a family-owned fiduciary firm, led by the Botti family. We understand the importance of trust, integrity, and confidentiality when it comes to handling our clients' real estate needs. As a family business, we take a personal approach to every client and work closely with them to ensure their needs are met. Why work with us? Here’s Suisse Immobilien Group and the Botti family here to offer for our every client:

Tailored services

Suisse Immobilien Group offers personalized services to ensure that clients find the right luxury houses, villas, or apartments in Lugano or other towns in Ticino. The agency also helps clients find the right commercial and industrial properties for setting up businesses and companies, as well as managing rental properties on behalf of owners.

In-depth due diligence

Suisse Immobilien Group carries out thorough inspections and due diligence on behalf of clients to ensure that the property of choice is of high quality and meets the client's needs.

One-stop shop

The agency offers complete assistance, including language and translation support, managing rental properties, overseeing property transfer and the entire sale process, obtaining Swiss permits for foreigners, and more. This makes it easy for clients to get all the help they need in one place.

Experienced staff

All the staff working at Suisse Immobilien Group are real estate professionals with extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. They work round the clock to satisfy customer needs and ensure that clients make informed decisions when purchasing property in the Ticino area.

Strong network

Suisse Immobilien Group has built an extensive network with local agencies, banks, trust companies, and professionals operating in the real estate business. This enables the agency to conduct in-depth market research for clients and secure bank financing at competitive rates.

FITMA-recognized experts

Suisse Immobilien Group is a FITMA-recognized expert with reasonable costs. This means that clients can trust the agency to provide high-quality services at an affordable price.

Trustful partners, you are looking for

Looking for assistance in finding the best real estate available to buy in Lugano, Switzerland, or the other cities in Ticino? Reach out to us right now.

Suisse Immobilien Group is a true partner for any person looking to purchase property in Switzerland in Lugano. We are not only integrated into the local economic and commercial structure but offer strong visibility into the region's real estate sector. Therefore, we can conduct in-depth market research for the client until the property is found while addressing all underlying needs.

Our collaboration with all local agencies has enabled us to build an extensive network that allows us to meet the needs of our clientele in a professional and dynamic way. We are proud to be FITMA-recognized experts with reasonable costs. We work directly with banks, trust companies, and professionals operating in the real estate business to secure bank financing. We also have contact with many lenders, UBS, Credit Suisse Banca Popolare di Sondrio, MoneyPark, Banca Migros, etc., for the disbursement of credit at competitive rates for our clients.

Additionally, we have contacts with various accommodations in Lugano for anyone visiting the region for the first time in such prime property. Proper arrangements can be made to have clients picked from the airport to the hotel and moved around Lugano to check out our extensive portfolio of luxury villas, apartments, and penthouses up for sale exploring. Clients can also make contact with private drivers to accompany them during the visits.

Overall, Suisse Immobilien Group is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase property in Switzerland. We offer personalized service, extensive knowledge of the local market, and a wide range of services to meet our client's needs. As a family-owned fiduciary firm, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and providing them with the best possible service.