Explore the Treasures of the Lake Maggiore region

Nestled in the southern part of Switzerland along the border with Italy, Lake Maggiore is a breathtakingly beautiful location that captivates all who visit. With its crystal-clear waters and surrounded by idyllic Swiss villages and towns, it is no wonder this region is considered one of the country's most desirable places to live. The neighboring hills and mountain ranges make for spectacular views, and the area's mild climate is a welcome change from the harsh European winters. Read on as we explore what makes the lake Maggiore area so special and some property options available in the region.
Lake Maggiore Property

Discover Lake Maggiore

Located between the Swiss Alps and the Lombardy and Piedmont regions of Italy, lake Maggiore is an enchanting natural wonder that boasts a rich cultural heritage. Stretching across 66km, the lake is the largest in Southern Switzerland and second only to lake Garda in Italy. It is flanked by lush Mediterranean vegetation and is known for its historic waterfront villas and exotic gardens.

The northern Swiss side of the lake is home to some of the most famous holiday resorts in the Tessin, which speaks to its popularity as a dream destination. The area surrounding the lake is equally breathtaking, with a wild and romantic mountain landscape stretching to the nearby Swiss Alps.

You can explore the region through the lake Maggiore Express, which combines a train and boat journey. This voyage will take you through the picturesque Centovalli Valley, the wild and romantic Valle Verzasca, or the Valle Maggia. Numerous walking trails along the Gambarogno Riviera also make the region the perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Explore sunny Locarno

Situated on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore, Locarno is one of the warmest places in Switzerland, boasting nearly 2300 hours of sunshine annually. This mild climate facilitates the flourishing of palm and lemon trees, and the lush Mediterranean vegetation makes for a beautiful collage of greenery.

The beating heart of Locarno is the Piazza Grande, which hosts the annual film festival. The city also hosts the Moon & Stars Festival, which attracts world-class musical talents. The narrow streets of the Old Town lead to the Piazza, and nearby lies the Castello Visconteo, a 12th-century castle that houses fine art collections.

A notable sight is the pilgrimage church of Madonna del Sasso, where the Virgin Mary is rumored to have appeared. The church also presents a panoramic view of the city, the lake, and the mountains.

Discover the charming Ascona hamlet.

At 196 meters above sea level, Ascona is Switzerland's lowest-lying town. Located on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore, this hamlet enjoys a mild climate and boasts a lake promenade that exudes a Latin ambiance.

The town is home to the church of San Pietro e Paolo, which dates back to the 16th century. The Old Town's branching cobbled lanes lead to the car-free lake promenade, lined with numerous charming street cafés.

Towering over Ascona is the Monte Verita, or the Mountain of Truth. Atop the mountain is a museum showcasing the history of a colony established here in the early 20th century. In the summer, residents enjoy numerous water sports, boat trips on the lake, and an 18-hole golf course at the resort of Ascona.

Take in the enchanting Brissago islands

Perched between the shores of Lake Maggiore and the steep mountains behind, Brissago offers stunning views and a mild climate that's hard to beat. It is also famous for its islands, which are home to exotic botanical gardens. Brissago also boasts excellent cuisine, featuring rare regional wines, artisanal cheeses, and bread. It is also easily accessible by boat, train, and car, making it an ideal location for a vacation home or permanent residence.

Real estate offers on Lake Maggiore

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