Commercial Property in Ticino

Investing in commercial property in Lugano, Switzerland, is a worthwhile long-term investment. In addition to offering a high degree of inflation protection, commercial properties also offer high returns through rental income. Furthermore, relying on a reputable partner like Suisse Immobilien Group to invest in the best commercial properties also allows for significant capital appreciation.

Buy Commercial Property in Ticino

Buying commercial real estate in Switzerland

While non-EU citizens must obtain permanent resident status to acquire residential real estate, there are no restrictions for commercial real estate. The purchase of any commercial real estate in Lugano and the entire of Switzerland is not subject to restrictions for foreigners.

Therefore, anyone can purchase commercial real estate for their own business or rent it out to generate some rental income. In addition, such properties can be bought as an investment. Suisse Immobilien Group has helped a wide pool of local and international clientele acquire commercial properties in Lugano.

The purchase can be made as an indirect investment through a Swiss or foreign company or through a trust or a foundation structure.

Why is commercial property a great choice for real estate owners?

Commercial properties in Lugano are solid investments that offer more financial rewards than residential properties. Investing in retail and office buildings, warehouses, and industrial premises is a sure way of securing a reliable income stream.

Longer leases signed by tenants also help secure a crucial revenue stream for the property owner. Longer leases can also come with a provision of increasing rent leading to more income. Such properties have an annual return of the initial purchase price in addition to their value appreciation.

The interests of tenants in commercial properties are always aligned with the property owner. As they strive to grow their businesses, they generate much-needed revenue and build connections that keep customers coming to the property. In the long run, the value of the property grows as it gets associated with the business's success.

Acquire offices and commercial property in Switzerland, Lugano, and Ticino with Suisse Immobilien Group

Suisse Immobilien Group is an integrated property service provider that offers an easy way of acquiring and managing commercial properties in Lugano Ticino, Switzerland. The family-run company provides professional advice on the ideal commercial properties to purchase for high yields.

Whether it is an industrial building, office, or retail building, Suisse Immobilien Group boasts of a rich and varied portfolio that one can choose from. In addition, if you own a commercial building and want to rent some space, the premier real estate company can help. It is not only a property service provider but a reliable partner, consultant, and problem solver.