Property Renovation

Do you own a house that needs urgent renovation or refurbishment in Ticino, Switzerland? Do you wish to enhance the living quality of the penthouse, apartment or luxury villa for living or for flipping at a significant profit? Because renovation and refurbishment can be complicated, tiresome and draining, you need a trusted real estate partner. Suisse Immobilien Group is an exciting resource that anyone can rely on renovating and building projects from small to big and luxury properties across the Ticino area.

House renovation in Switzerland • Property Management Service

Renovating a property is the only way to increase its market value. If the house is not modern, home renovation by a reputable firm could help make the necessary changes to make the property stand out. Upgrading each room and integrating state-of-the-art appliances and equipment can go a long way in making the house stand out in the market.

It also makes it easy to customize the property to suit certain preferences and needs so that it can catch the attention of most buyers and renters. For example, the renovation can involve creating a home theater and updating a bathroom and the basement. In addition, hiring an expert renovator like Suisse Immobilien Group with years of experience in the industry can help make the property more attractive and valuable.

Did you know that home renovation can help make a house energy efficient, thus saving on electricity bills down the line? Settling on a reliable real estate company to carry out the renovation works can help change the light bulbs and upgrade kitchen and bathroom appliances to help conserve energy consumption. Such a firm would also provide the much-needed advice on insulating the walls to help control temperature, thus not spending much more on heating costs.

Suisse Immobilien Group is an experienced and trusted real estate firm in Lugano that offers reliable renovation services. The family-run company operates with strong and local project managers to ensure all renovation and refurbishment works increase the value of an outdated property.

Renovation project for your real estate: is it worth it?

Has your home layout stopped working out for you? Is your apartment or villa looking outdated and struggling to attract renters? As discussed, renovating or refurbishing helps provide a property with a well-deserved upgrade, thus enhancing its appeal and resale value.

Who (what property) needs renovation?

House renovation or refurbishment can reap huge rewards if done the right way. However, not all properties need upgrades. The focus should always be on properties that have the potential to increase in value upon a major upgrade, therefore, attracting high bids in the market.

Properties in high-end markets or exclusive leafy suburbs are some of the best to renovate as they will always attract interest from people looking to live in luxury and privacy. Additionally, properties in areas with high supply will also need an upgrade to accrue a competitive edge in the market.

Complete or Partial Renovation Which One?

Contrary to perception, complete renovation costs less than partial renovation. It usually costs much less as work is carried out only once in a well-coordinated work. Once done, it would take some time or years before carrying out additional upgrades.

However, a partial reputation often stands out for people wishing to spread costs over time. The partial renovation also offers tax benefits as it is considered an expense, thus able to reduce the amount of tax in a given accounting period.

How to estimate renovation costs?

Renovation costs vary depending on the upgrades being made and the size of the property. The more square footage involved in a property, the more expensive the renovation will likely be. The costs also vary depending on the structural or mechanical repairs being made. The underlying issues of location and materials used are also important factors.

While the house's exterior speaks more volumes than anything, facade cleaning with repainting will always cost more. Naturally, the thicker the insulation, the costlier it is likely to be. The cost of replacing windows will mostly depend on the frame and glass used.

Taking off the roof and fitting in a new one would always eat much in renovation costs depending on the material, roof construction and insulation. The cost of repairing the kitchen, bathrooms and water pipes will depend on the appliances to be installed and the materials used.

Suisse Immobilien Group's deep connection with contractors and architects ensures all its clients are offered the best deals on material costs and renovation costs.

What type of renovation services does the Suisse Immobilien Group offer?

Are you seeking a reputable real estate firm with experience in interior architecture project management and new build projects? Suisse Immobilien Group offers various property renovation services, from selling a plot of land to constructing new properties. It also offers renovation services when a property needs to be upgraded to increase its value.

Some of its renovation services include:

  • Renovation project evaluation
  • Architecture and exterior renovation of old properties
  • Interior design renovation
  • Interior decorating & interior redesign
  • Turn-key property renovation

Suisse Immobilien Group is a family-run company with a rich and varied real estate portfolio. Its core business is satisfying the needs of customers who wish to operate in the sector. In addition, it is a reputable company for anyone looking to give new life to properties through renovation. Bringing older properties, be it family homes, apartments, luxury villas, or penthouses, back to life is its specialty.