For Investors

Real estate investments offer an exciting and reliable way of enjoying predictable cash flow, excellent returns and, in some cases, tax advantages. The ultimate goal is always to invest in properties that increase in value over time and bring in extra monthly income. Suisse Immobilien Group is a family-run company. Suisse Immobilien Group in real estate since 1948. It offers a true getaway to investing in Switzerland's real estate market, more so Lugano in the Ticino region.

Investing in Real Estate in Ticino

Contrary to perception investing in real estate is not just for the rich and famous but for anyone looking to secure a reliable source of income. Such investments also act as additional security for retirement and for protecting oneself from uncertain economic conditions. If you have the desire to grow your portfolio, diversify investments, enjoy cash flow and capital gains, Suisse Immobilien Group is a reliable partner.

The premier family-run company has been in business for many years helping local and international clientele invest in income buildings in the Lugano area. As a member of the federal trade associations or real estate trustees, it has accrued an impressive track record in helping people focused on income investment in brick and mortar.

How to pick a strategy for real estate investing?

There are various strategies for investing in real estate. Understanding the strategies is crucial if one is to settle on property likely to appreciate and offer a way of generating solid and consistent rental income from the investment in brick.

The three main investment strategies are:

  • Wealth investment
  • Yield investment
  • Value added investment

Wealth investment

Wealth investment is an investment strategy whereby the focus is on properties likely to grow one's wealth over a prolonged period. Therefore, it focuses on investing in properties in large cities and close to basic amenities. Such properties don't remain empty for long, thus offering a way of collecting consistent rental income.

Suisse Immobilien Group offers some of the best properties in Lugano Ticino that investors can rely on to generate stable and consistent income. For instance, it has a large 3.5-room apartment located at the center of Lugano overlooking the city and the lake. Naturally, such a property will always elicit interest from managers and people who want to reach the city center in a few minutes.

Yield investment

A yield investment strategy focuses on properties that can generate immediate income. The strategy works best with investors looking to invest in peripheral; areas or the outskirts of big cities. Such properties attract strong interest from people looking to stay away from busy towns for privacy, comfort and peace of mind.

Value added investments

It is an investment strategy that focuses on acquiring properties at a discount, carrying out the necessary upgrades to add value and then flipping for a significant profit. It is an ideal strategy for people who don't mind low yields at the time of acquisition for the prospect of generating significant returns over time.

Suisse Immobilien Group is one of the best real estate partners for identifying such properties in the greater Ticino area. For instance, it has a wide portfolio of commercial spaces in a strategic location that, with small improvements, can generate significant long-term value.

Why invest in property with Suisse Immobilien Group?

Are you looking for a way to build wealth at some of the lowest risks in Switzerland? Suisse Immobilien Group is a true partner with the expertise and experience to navigate the complex world of real estate investment. So, whether you are looking to invest in a portfolio of rental properties or flip a house in Lugano, the premier real estate company will always have you covered.

The family-run company adheres to the highest level of industry standards in providing the best service that ensures people invest for a yield of 4% - 5% in real estate. Professionalism is a guarantee whether looking to buy a property or sell a property while ensuring clients' privacy is always protected.

Additionally, the family trustee company boasts of an extensive industry network. Therefore, securing real estate investment funds would never be a problem, given the company’s solid connections with banks, funds and real estate trustees.