14 reasons why Switzerland is a great country to live

Why is Switzerland considered one of the most desirable places to live and work? Well, it is a small heaven on earth thanks to its glistening lakes, the Swiss Alps, diverse culture and unending opportunities. A stable economy, world-class infrastructure, and high quality of life are some of the perks that await anyone looking to set base in this one-of-a-kind European nation.
14 reasons why Switzerland is a great country to live

Whether you want to live in a bustling town like Geneva to enjoy the cultural diversity and interact with expatriates' boredom will never be an option. But, on the other hand, if you are looking for a laid-back experience investing in real estate in Lugano, Switzerland and settling is a sure bet.

Why Switzerland?

The European nation is an ideal destination for any career-oriented individual. The country offers perfect opportunities for work and life balance. In addition, it is a top investment destination offering some of the best opportunities for growing wealth. Whether investing in the financial sector or real estate in Ticino, Switzerland through Suisse Immobilien Group, one can never go wrong.

Below are some reasons why anyone should consider living, working, and investing in this one-of-a-kind European nation.

High quality of life

Switzerland constantly ranks as one of the best places to live thanks to the high quality of life always on offer. High employment levels and high stable income affirms high satisfaction level within the communities.

From being one of the most stable countries economically and politically, it is one of the safest places with some of the lowest crime rates. According to the World Happiness Report by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, inhabitants of Switzerland are some of the happiest in the world. Calm and collected is what the country is all about and rarely will you hear it making waves for violent crimes.

Close to everything

Switzerland's strategic position means one is always a short distance from other top destinations across the European Union. Whether you want to visit the Eiffel Tower in France or the London Eye, a short and cheap flight is all that is needed. The country offers a direct connection to top vacation spots across the region.

Tax haven

The tax system in Switzerland is one of the best in the world, one of the reasons some of the biggest companies have set bases in the country. People in the country incur minimal taxes as cantons compete to have the lowest taxes. Consequently, people are always left with so much income they can use to improve their quality of life.

Excellent employment opportunities

Switzerland is home to some of the biggest multinationals in various sectors, from industrials to financials, agriculture, and the auto industry. Google, Glencore International, Nestle, Novartis ,UBS and Caterpillar are some of the companies operating in the country.

So whether one is looking to work in the tech, financial, or healthcare sectors, there are always employment opportunities with some of the best perks. Furthermore, the liberal economy supported by solid labor policies has seen global companies set base, giving rise to some of the best job opportunities.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Are you adventurer and looking to explore new places via water, road or air? Switzerland is the place to be thanks to its world class infrastructure that include dense network of highways to railroads. All the big cities also come with international airports that ensure smooth navigation over the air. An amazing transport network makes it easy to crisscross the country either for work or to enjoy every city's scenery. The country also has a robust telecommunication network with 5G connectivity for mobile connectivity.

Recreational activities

Switzerland is a top tourist destination whereby millions of people flock to the country every year to enjoy the sights and sounds on offer. Whether hiking the mountains, visiting the packs, or skiing, you can never be bored outdoors.

It also offers excellent biking opportunities on established routes. The mountains, hills, and lakes offer panoramic views perfect for sign-seeing and relaxing. Swimming and tubing opportunities are also on offer across the country.

Economic stability

Switzerland is often referred to as a safe haven thanks to its robust economy that is relatively stable. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world, with its financial sector being one of the biggest in the world. Swiss banks are best known in the financial sector for providing world-class services. A modern tax system has also seen most companies set bases in the country.

World-class research centers

Switzerland is the place to live and work for anyone looking to further their skills or knowledge in any field. The country is home to world-class research centers in various fields. Strong technology know-how has seen the country set the pace in various innovations. The fact that the country spends more than 3% of its gross domestic product on research and development has helped nurture a culture of innovation.

Diverse community

As a global financial hub, Switzerland attracts people from all over the world, affirming the diversity of the community. The country is open to foreigners, with 20% of the population from other countries. While English is popular, German, French, and Italian are other official languages. The diversity makes it worthwhile for any expatriate.

Lugano is one of the best places to live and work for Italian-speaking natives. How to buy real estate in Lugano is a top search given the town's robust real estate sector.

Quality food

The diverse population residing across the country means one will always find their favorite food regardless of location. In addition, the country's culture around food and eating is one of the best. As a result, year-round meals are always fresh, healthy, and delicious. Right from farm fresh produce to pastries, 200 kinds of brands, and 450 brands of cheese, one can never miss anything to tease their taste buds.

Pristine nature

It is considered a crown jewel of Europe for a reason. The country is made up of natural beauty that people come from all over the world to explore every year. For nature lovers, this is a country to live, work and explore, thanks to its unique scenery, from lakes to mountains and canyons. The central plateau woodlands and wetlands add to the unique topography.

While a third of the country is covered by forest, it is home to some of the finest world animals' unique plants and fungi. The country is also a water tower thanks to freshwater reserves.


Calm and collected are some of the adjectives that perfectly describe Switzerland. It is arguably one of the safest places to live in the world, with some of the lowest crime rates. Rarely would you hear Switzerland making headlines for violent crimes or something negative.

Excellent education

The country boasts of one of the best education systems in the world. It is home to world-class learning institutions and research centers ideal for enhancing a career in whatever field. One can choose from an array of public, international, and private schools. Some world-class high-learning institutions include the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Alassane and the University of Applied Science and Arts of Western Switzerland.

Reliable healthcare system

A world-class healthcare system awaits anyone looking to work and live in the European nation. Every person in the country is insured, ensuring easy access to competent healthcare services in whichever canton.

Insurance providers are nonprofit and government-approved, guaranteeing affordable and quality medical coverage. In addition, medical insurance policies come with deductibles and copays capped to reduce financial hardships.

Easy to start and run a business

Switzerland has some of the best policies and environments that encourage the starting and running of a business. The process of registering a business is straightforward. For foreigners, the only requirement is living in the country for a least 90 days to register a business. In addition, one can make investments in various sectors. Family-run Suisse Group is one of the companies' helping foreigners and locals invest in real estate in Lugano, Switzerland.

Why is Ticino a great region to live in?

Ticino is one of the best regions to live and work for anyone looking to enjoy the Italian charm, culture, and food. Lugano is the largest city in Ticino on the northern shore of Lake Lugano. Its strategic location offers an opportunity to enjoy the breezy Mediterranean climate. The region also offers exciting sightseeing, including the Monte Giorgio castles, fabulous lakes and landscapes. Real estate investment in Ticino, Switzerland, is one of the biggest activities the Suisse Immobilien Group spearheaded.

Top 5 cities in Switzerland for expats to relocate

Switzerland is home to some of the best cities that match any taste. Some of the best cities attracting expatriates from across the globe include:

  • Geneva
  • Winterthur
  • Bern
  • Lugano
  • Zug