5 Reasons to Buy Property in Lugano

A place of freedom and possibility defines Lugano as a prime area to live and invest in real estate in Switzerland. From ornate to elegant penthouses, luxury villas, apartments, and townhouses dating from the 16th century, it does not get any better. Built by entrepreneurs who made their fortunes around the globe, the properties tell a story of Ticino architect prowess, talent, bravery, and prosperity.

Why Buying Properties in Lugano

Suisse Immobilien Group is a premier real estate trustee company offering the front seat to access and enjoy Ticino's beauty and quality of life. So let not the complication of navigating the notaries and Swiss real estate law deter you from investing in the region's premier real estate sector.

Gone are the days when one had to worry about Swiss taxation when looking to invest in Lugano real estate. The company run by the Botti brothers is always at hand to provide all the needed assistance to bet on Lugano property.

Should you acquire Swiss real estate in Lugano? 5 reasons to say "Yes!"

Panoramic Views of Lake Lugano and the Mountains

It's dubbed a charming city for a reason. Acquiring a property in Lugano offers an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Lugano and the nearby mountains. The Mediterranean climate, palm trees and beautiful boulevards make it a top tourist destination, making real estate some of the best and biggest investments.

The Italian lifestyle embedded with Swiss efficiency adds to the city's diversity. It is important to entrust the right people to enjoy the real reward of investing in the Lugano property market. With the Suisse Immobilien Group, it becomes much easier to secure purchase right and decide the most suitable area to invest in Lugano

Italian atmosphere with some Swiss lifestyle touch

Lugano is home to a diverse population made up of nationals from various countries. Given that the city is close to the Italian border, Italian is the popular language followed by German and Serbo-Croatian.

The diverse population makes it a world-class city to live in and invest given the type of clientele one can always target. Furthermore, excellent security and political and economic stability make its high quality of life possible. Switzerland's advanced financial system is also perfectly embedded in the town.

Suisse Immobilien Group boasts of local and international clientele that it has helped invest in the region's real estate sector. Its core objective is to satisfy the needs of customers from all over the world by adding an Italian touch, professionality and confidentiality. The family-run company adheres to the best industry practices by working in a personalized and dynamic way.

Community safeness and tranquility

Switzerland, as a whole, always ranks higher on safety and political stability. Lugano is no different as the town boasts some of the lowest crime rates, one of the reasons it attracts investors worldwide.

The wider population in the area is known for being extremely organized, with strict adherence to a set of unwritten social rules.

High-end infrastructure

Lugano does not need to catch up on this front. It is a perfect place to live and invest thanks to its world-class infrastructure spanning transport systems, medical centers, pharmacies, hospitals, and recreational facilities, among others.

Leisure facilities from stadiums to golf courses, cycling facilities and windsurfing also come in plenty. The Lugano Arte e Culture’s contemporary art center offers 2,000 square meters of exhibition space, a key tourist attraction.

The high-end infrastructure makes it an ideal location for expatriates across Europe to live, fueling strong demand for real estate.

Elegant lifestyle and quality of living

A charming lakeside city with all the amenities and perks is what makes Lugano a top city for investing in property. Lugano comes with family-friendly places with an active outdoor culture encompassed by a beautiful lake. Biking trails, swimming pools, golf courses and hiking routes in the mountains adds to the exciting outdoor opportunities one can engage in.
The availability of all amenities, from schools to hospitals and recreation facilities, makes it an ideal location. Consequently, most expatriates from across Europe, especially Italy, are always flocking to town, fueling demand for real estate.

While Lugano is a pleasant, peaceful and safe city, some areas are well-suited for property investments. Thanks to its extensive partner network and customized services, Suisse Immobilien Group provides an easy way of navigating the Lugano real estate market.

Lugano real estate pricing trends

Over the years, property prices in Lugano have been on one trend; upwards. The increase has to do with the high demand amid low supply in the market. A hub for expatriates with at least 50% of the resident's foreigners has been a key factor driving prices higher.

The median price CHF/sqm in Lugano for houses and apartments varies depending on the property being sold and the neighborhood it is in. The design, the features and the perks inside also affect the overall price. Furthermore, buying property is even easier with the provision of mortgage credit from some of the biggest financial institutions.

Suisse Immobilien boasts of close relations with banks and financial institutions, therefore always at hand to help its clients secure the much-needed financing for property purchases. In addition its access to Swiss craftsmen for renovations makes it easy for owners to carry out needed renovations to boost their property values before sale.

Why is Suisse Immobilien Group the best partner for Lugano property investments?

Need more details on Lugano property offers and pricing? Suisse Immobilien Group is a premier real estate company you can trust when looking to buy property in Lugano. The family-run real estate company boasts a rich and varied real estate portfolio, sure to leave one spoilt for choice. So, whether you are looking for a pristine place to live or invest, professionalism, dynamism, and reliability for the purchase of a house or apartment in Ticino is what Suisse Immobilien Group guarantees.