Villas, Penthouses, Apartments With Lake View: Buying Real Estate in Ticino and Lugano

The mild climate, Mediterranean landscape & climate, good food, and rich Italian charm has always made Ticino one of the top travel destinations in Switzerland. Its growing popularity as a top travel destination has seen a significant spike in demand for real estate. Demand for residential to commercial places is on the rise. In comes Suisse Immobilien Group, that's making dreams come true with a rich portfolio of prestigious apartments, houses, luxury villas, and penthouses, all offering excellent views of Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore.


When looking to buy property in the Switzerland Ticino Lugano area, Suisse Immobilien Group is a trusted partner that has been in operation for many years. The family-run real estate firm specializes in satisfying the needs of its customers in the purchase and sale of real estate in Lugano. Whether one wants to buy a property as a residence, a holiday home, or an investment, the firm can support you in every stage, from looking for one to navigating all the requirements.

Why buy properties in Lugano, Ticino

The charming city is one of the best places to live and invest in real estate. It is located in the Southern part of Switzerland, close to the Italian border, and doubles up as the third-largest financial hub in the country.

Nestled on the shore of Lake Lugano, it is surrounded by mountains and hills that offer panoramic views and a perfect ambiance that draws tourists’ year long. The excellent views are further supplemented by a good Mediterranean climate year-round, boulevards, and palm trees, among other perks.

Its strategic location offers plenty of opportunities for visiting some of the biggest towns between Zurich and Millan. World-class infrastructure made of rail, road network, and air travel means you can visit any city across Europe within hours from Lugano.

Investing in real estate in Ticino ought to be one of the smartest moves anyone can make. In addition to old luxury properties, ornate and elegant penthouses, and villas, the options are always there, even for the most complicated buyers.

Lugano’s property options

While some of the classical luxury villas in Switzerland Ticino were built in the 19th century, new ones are increasingly cropping up, embracing modern architecture and features. Flamboyant Penthouses in Switzerland Ticino Lugano feature turrets and balconies and tell a story of freedom, possibility, and prosperity.

Property in Switzerland Ticino keeps the beauty of the area, making it one of the best places to live and do business. Renowned architects from around Europe continue to flock to the area, coming up with designs and properties that create exquisite living spaces while shouting beauty, comfort, and opulence.

Family-run Suisse Immobilien Group is a member of the federal trade associations of real estate trustees and land owners, which makes it a perfect partner for scanning, purchasing, and selling apartments in Switzerland, Ticino, and Lugano, among others.

Its rich portfolio of villas, apartments, and penthouses also include several properties that are not visible on the Internet for reasons of discretion on privacy. This is partly because its c clientele base includes the well-to-do people across Europe that cherish their privacy and exclusivity.

Buying lake view property near Lugano Lake

Any person can rent a luxury villa penthouse or apartment in Lugano. However, when it comes to buying, it is illegal for foreigners without residence permits. Additionally, foreigners can buy property in holiday areas but with several restrictions. For instance, the home space has to be less than 200m2 other properties have to be less than 1000m2.

For large properties, foreigners must seek special permission, which is normally provided on a need-be basis. For instance, foreigners looking to buy a large property must have their main residence in the area. In addition, foreigners looking to spend most of their time in the area must move their main residence to a Swiss home.

Buying property in Lugano offers a way of enjoying various perks in a world-class city supplemented by charm, peace, and a relaxing atmosphere. Properties overlooking the beautiful Lake Lugano and nestled in between mountains make the perfect ambiance possible. Some properties come with added perks, including a SPA area, an indoor swimming pool, large terraces, and a suggestive fireplace. The panoramic views that some of the properties offer are second to none.

Property prices

Land scarcity and restrictive building laws have been the catalyst behind a spike in property prices in Lugano Ticino over the years. For decades prices have been rising steadily with an influx of foreigners that continue to fuel demand for residential and commercial places.

Amid the scarcity, Suisse Immobilien Group has always made it possible and easy for people to access the most exclusive properties in Lugano. The company has inserted itself in the local and economic fabric and built a wide network with industry players to offer the best in some exclusive neighborhoods.

Buyers of luxury properties in Lugano

Buyers for real estate in Switzerland Ticino is not only for locals; Suisse Immobilien Group has been helping everyone navigate all the legal Jargon and requirements.
The diverse nature of the population makes it a perfect place to reside and do business to take advantage of the different cultures.

Suisse Immobilien Group's clientele base includes Europeans, Russians, and Ukrainians. The real estate firm has also serviced the needs of investors, real estate, and institutional funds looking to invest in Penthouses in Switzerland, and Ticino, among others. The fact that most of these clients are always looking for safe and profitable investments speaks volumes of Suisse Immobilien Group's reputation in the industry.

Why Suisse Immobilien Group for real estate in Ticino?

Professionalism, connections, and a rich portfolio are some of the attributes that set Suisse Immobilien apart as a credible and trusted real estate partner in Lugano Ticino. Whether looking to buy or sell apartments, luxury villas, penthouses, you can always rely on the firm for the best results.