Discover the Lugano and Around Things to Do and See

Lugano Unveiled: Explore Paradise in Ticino

The Ticino area of Swiss-Italian is a settlement where you can find Lugano city, which is famous not only for its calm and charming lakeside setting but also for its Mediterranean-style atmosphere and a long list of famous tourist destinations. Here, visitors are treated to a harmonious mix of Swiss precision, and the typical Italian flair, making this choice location a vacation gem for nature-seekers, art enthusiasts, and food critics alike. Lugano offers unrivaled views of Lake Lugano, whether you go for leisurely walking along the shore or ambitious bike trails on the hilltops. Moreover, the city preserves historical landmarks (recommended plausible choices by historians) and serves a wide range of delights, from traditional to modern cuisines. This is a compilation of the must-visit attractions and activities to make your stay in this extraordinary city an unforgettable and pleasant one.

Parco Ciani

Parco Ciani, a green park which is located by the shore of Lake Lugano, becomes a serene haven that contributes to the well-being of the citizens dealing with city life. This park is the widest one among others and is admired for its beautiful lawns, shaded trails and unending beautiful sun and mount views. Whether it's for a leisurely afternoon amble or having a picnic immersed in lush greenery, it is an ideal spot. Amid all the interesting features of the park, don't miss out on the botanical garden that hosts a wide variety of plants or just relax at the edge of the water to recharge and enjoy the peaceful weeks.

Monte Brè

For the ones who are pleased with the extensive landscapes of Lugano and its charming surroundings, it would be something worthy to go to Monte Brè. Ascend a steep slope with the help of a funicular which poses a scenic view that finally brings you to an elevation of more than 900 meters. The world-famous lookout point at the peak of Mount Curzurà offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the churning waters of Lake Lugano and the gigantic granite bedrocks of the nearby Alps. Grab a chance to spread through the hiking trails that get you through the woods and meadows, or the historic Church of San Nicolao. One of the great pleasures of the visit to Montreux is to engage in some old Swiss eating and drinking at one of the superb mountain restaurants which provides spectacular scenery.


Swissminiatur gives you the chance to walk around the tiniest Switzerland and enjoy the sights and iconic landmarks of the country in itty-bitty shapes. Situated on the Melide outskirts only 10 kilometers from Lugano, this park is a resemblance to Switzerland in its entirety including the mountains, railways, and major buildings. Visitors here struck by the fine workmanship can make themselves familiar with traditions of Swiss culture and even try some activities. Hop on the tiny trains that symbolize the charm of Switzerland in the park and let adorable & small trains take you for a journey through the regions of Switzerland.

Lugano Arte e Cultura (LAC)

The Lugano Arte e Cultura (LAC) occupies the spot of a modern cultural center in the heart of the city and is distinguished by its versatility that is represented in the variety of the exhibits, concerts and plays. Placed in a juxtaposing, stunning building, LAC has been the haven of a multitude of art and culture lovers. Attend the local galleries and museums exposing works of both local and international artists, have a walk through the amusing avenue that will take you to any attractive place ranging from classical music venues to global theater performances, or simply have fun from the rooftop terrace observing city panorama. Situated at the crossroads between Italian and Swiss cultures, LAC as Lugano’s cultural showpiece, reflects the city’s varied artistic milieu.

Lake Lugano Boat Tour

Take a picturesque cruise on Lake Lugano and admire its breathtaking natural scenery and the lovely village shores, which lie along the shore. Several boat-cruises will embark from Lugano’s harbor covering various routes giving a chance of viewing the different lake landscapes as well as lakeside attractions. You will be carried away by the relaxing feeling accompanied by an amazing view of green hillsides and elegant villas. You will also visit a couple of idyllic gems such as Gandria or Morcocle and wander along their quaint streets and historic landmarks. A Boat Tour can be an alternative means of appreciating and celebrating Lake Lugano's one of a kind attraction, which can be viewed from quite a distance different from what is usual.


Gandria, an old-world rural village on the Lake of Lugano shoreline, has the allure and atmosphere of yesteryear thanks to its narrow streets and stone houses. By use of a boat or a beautiful walk through the lakeside, you may reach Gandria and you will be confidently conveyed into the atmosphere, where time does not exist. Get to know the alleys of the old town laid with cobblestone paving and the eateries, then go down the Olive Trail to relish in the breathtaking lake view. Lastly, enjoy cuisine at an Italian restaurant and let the waterfront views take your breath away. Gandria may possess a time-proof shape, but every visitor including the history lovers and nature lovers finds it a perfect destination to explore.

Parco San Grato

Besides its panoramic view, Parco San Grato is also characterized by its presence as a green oasis blooming on the mountain of Monte San Salvatore, which boasts of being one of the must-visit parks of this town. Being just a short bus ride or drive from Lugano, this wonderfully beautiful park is full of various plant varieties from the entire world. Beyond the city, discover thematic lush gardens full of blossoming flowers, breathtaking viewpoints of Lake Lugano and the surrounding mountains, and a place to enjoy a picnic and much needed relaxation in valleys. Parco San Gratio is the perfect destination if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a little peace in the natural environment.

Lugano's Historical Center

The historic center of Lugano is not only a combination of Mediterranean style architecture, squares teeming with life, but also little red streets as well. Because this is the oldest stone church in the country, start your journey in the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence, dating back to the XII century, and decorated with Romanesque style architecture. Stray away from the traffic-lined Via Nassa, and explore the luxury boutiques and artisan shops, allowing you to soak in the atmosphere of Piazza della Riforma, the main square of the city. Make sure that you visit a breezy restaurant and spoil yourself with a gelato or two while taking in the lake views as it glitters on the waters. Lugano’s Historical Center is a colorful weave of history and culture, beckoning through its eternity charm to the visitors who seek to make life experience closely.

How to Find Luxury Property in Ticino

In case you want to settle down in this lovely city, studying in Switzerland can serve you as a guide when looking for the heritage homes where plenty of beautifully built and uniquely designed residential properties and apartments are sold in this magnificent region. Become dazzled while browsing houses for buying or renting to be selected by you that symbolize the excitement of the manner of living in Ticino.

Wrapping up, Lugano and its surrounds are one big canvas, which is filled with beautiful miracles, history feats, yummy feel, and relaxation spots. Regardless of the time you spend in your stay, you will be more than pleased with the abundant distractions and wonders of this city that bridges the Swiss and the Italian. Plan a visit to Lugano and experience first the everlasting magic.